Foreign Exchange

At IDE, we help you make the most out of your money because Foreign Exchange is our specialty!
So if you are traveling abroad for business or leisure and need foreign currency, IDE is your best option. You can buy and sell foreign currency conveniently at any of our branches across the Globe at very competitive rates along with exceptional service.
Alternatively you can use our online currency convertor tool

Mobile Transfer

Empowering your mobile phone
Zero hassle. Maximum convenience. Get the cash delivered right into a mobile account instantly!

Cash to Account


Funds are transferred directly to the Receiver’s bank account. The Receiver can then withdraw them from the ATM.

Who is it for?

For people who want to avoid all banking hassle and just need their money, readily accessible!

How does it work?

Senders can execute direct transfer to accounts. They also have the facility to include multiple beneficiaries in this service.

Cash to Cash


Easiest-to-use service without the need to have a bank account.

How does it work?

The sender can go to any of our agent locations round the world to send money.

  • Visit your nearest IDE agent
  • For new clients, complete a registration form at the agent location
  • Provide identification documents (required for regulatory compliance reasons)
  • Present the amount you wish to send and beneficiary details
  • Obtain a receipt from the agent with full transaction details including payout amount, exchange rate, commission fee and beneficiary location and contact details
  • Check status of your a transaction online
  • The money is available for collection at IDE payout agents normally instantly
  • The beneficiary is normally contacted by telephone or by SMS message to inform him/her that the money is ready for collection
  • At the payout location, the beneficiary provides details of the transaction and identification documents
  • The beneficiary signs a receipt to confirm collection of funds